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Deshaun Watson's NFL disciplinary hearing is over: What's next for the quarterback's potential punishment?

After the NFL's disciplinary hearing regarding Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson's possible code of conduct violation is over, the only thing left is the time the league's jointly appointed disciplinary officer, Sue L. Robinson, wants to take to determine the future of the young player's career.

Embattled quarterback Deshaun Watson traded to ClevelandAP

What happened at Deshaun Watson's disciplinary hearing?

The three-day hearing, which was held to hear arguments from the NFL and the NFLPA (on Watson's behalf) regarding the 24 women who at one time or another sued the quarterback for sexual misconduct, ended on Thursday.

It should be recalled that today only four lawsuits remain in effect, after 20 of them are no longer standing, after the plaintiffs reached an undisclosed agreement to drop their complaints against the former Houston Texans player.

Deshaun Watson's two possible disciplinary scenarios

Now, Robinson must decide in the first instance whether or not Watson is guilty of violating the code of conduct, if found not guilty then he will be cleared to play the 2022 season with the Browns and, by regulation, the NFL cannot appeal that ruling, so the case would be closed.

In the event that Robinson finds Watson guilty, then he also has to decide the quarterback's punishment which may include suspension games and financial fine.

What happens if Deshaun Watson is punished?

As for the possible game sanction, it could be indefinite (which would mean at least a year without being able to play) or a specified number of games of ineligibility.

In this case, the NFLPA does have the ability to appeal the decision and seek to have it reduced, if they find case law to compare it to other similar suspensions.

According to multiple reports, the second scenario seems more likely, the NFL would be asking for a season-long suspension and it would already be up to Watson and the Browns whether they would ask the NFLPA to proceed with the appeal.

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