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Nets won't let Kyrie Irving go so easily, here's what they want from Lakers

As it had been said the Brooklyn Nets are not going to let Kyrie Irving go so easy, according to reports they negotiate with Los Angeles Lakers the transfer of the player, but in exchange they ask for the first selection of the draft and Russel Westbrook.

The Lakers management takes things calmly, they analyze the situation, the price seems to be very high, but someone who presses is LeBron James, who already played with Irving in Cleveland Cavaliers and won an NBA title.

Nets think of Durant first

Just as Los Angeles is taking things slow, so is Brooklyn, the Nets first want to resolve the Kevin Durant issue and then focus entirely on Irving.

Darvin Ham insists: Russell Westbrook will be a starter.

"I've been in contact with him. Dinners, messages, talks. I love Russell Westbrook. His mentality. [...] But me being me, I have a very concrete plan on how we're going to use him. I've sat down with him and shown him. We're not going to take away his energy, just redirect it," the coach told Mer J. Spears of Andscape.

Phoenix and Miami are Durant's preferred destinations

According to ESPN, Durant has already spoken to several of his former teammates in Golden State about a possible return, although the Warriors are not his preferred option.

Durant has identified Phoenix and Miami Heat as his preferred destinations, but the Nets are seeking a beneficial trade, as they are not willing to just give away their star.

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