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Rudiger's attack on Hazard leaves Madrid fans gasping for air (VIDEO)

Madrid fans had to hold their breath while looking at this video where Rudiger went all in during the training session today. In a simple rondo, Rudiger overdid it hitting Hazard in the ankle. Wheels are in motion and everyone is thoroughly preparing so Real Madrid can conquer La Liga.

In a seemingly harmless rondo, the German center-back went too hard into the ankle of his teammate, who cried out in pain after noticing how his foot buckled, however, it was all clean, and Rudiger did not intend to cause any problems during the preliminary training session in preparation for Las Vegas.

Did not finish the training

In the end, everything seemed to be fine and just a scare for Hazard who rejoined the rondo but he did not complete the preparatory session until the end.

Fans are waiting for the news of his participation in the Las Vegas Classic to be confirmed due to obvious circumstances, with just over 24 hours to go, fans will know soon enough.

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