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The viral video of Mateo Messi and his magical dribble at the World Cup: Following in the footsteps of his father Leo?

Argentina won the Qatar 2022 World Cup last December 18 after beating France in the penalty shootout and during the celebrations, influencer Joaquin Lozano filmed Mateo Messi's talent with a soccer ball from the stands.

The video, which has shaken TikTok, went viral after Mateo, the second son of the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, dribbled past Bauti Gomez, the son of Papu Gomez, with a fantastic bit of footwork to make it clear that he has inherited his father's talent, even at the age of seven.

The bit of magic would have had Real Madrid fans trembling at the sight of a meandering Messi once more.

In the video, the only one who could stop Messi was another Messi. Thiago, the eldest of the brothers, stopped Mateo with a good steal of the ball while he was enjoying himself with the rest of the children of the Albiceleste stars.

Argentina begins to dream

The post already has more than 3 million views and the Argentine fans reacted in the best possible way to the video of Messi's son.

Soccer fans in Argentina are predicting big things from the son of arguably the greatest soccer player of all time.

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