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Tom Brady new big scandal sparks fury from Buccaneers quarterback

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has always been much more remembered for what he does on the gridiron than what he says or how he says things in a press conference, however, the clear annoyance he showed in the press conference prior to the Week 15 game against the Cincinnati Bengals could be one more sign of the broken relationship he has with his head coach Todd Bowles.

Brady's Broken Bucs - Tampa can't stop losing

Tom Brady's reaction to the accusation of tampering playbooks

In a report by Michael Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle, the famous reporter wrote that the seven-time winner has meetings with the main skill players of his team in which he alters the playbook and game plan every week and that neither Bowles nor offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich are present at these meetings, and that they only learn of these modifications after the game in question is underway.

The ex-husband of Brazilian top model, Gisele Bündchen was directly questioned about his opinion of such accusations, the gesture of the 45-year-old player became extremely serious and was not very revealing in his response.

Tom Brady, on Buccs OT loss to Browns: "We just didn't make the plays and they did"AP

"Anybody can write anything and say whatever they want so no," Brady said. "[I'm] not going to respond to every . . . next question."

Is there a bad relationship between Tom Brady and Todd Bowles?

During the overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns a couple of weeks ago, Bowles indirectly criticized Brady of his poor clock management during the end of that game and the former New England Patriots passer doesn't usually mention his head coach's name during press conferences, however, this time a miracle happened when he was asked about what should be done to improve the team's situation.

"I really appreciate what Todd's doing. He's putting it on us to fix it," Brady said. "Just really allowed the leaders to take charge."

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