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What does each team need to qualify for the 2023 NFL Playoffs?

After Week 17 NFL sunday games (except SNF), 11 teams have qualified for the playoffs. A total of 14 teams have access (seven from each Conference), therefore it is unknown who will be the three additional spots.

What does your team need to do to secure a spot in the NFL Playoffs Wild Card?

Miami Dolphins

To avoid having to rely on other outcomes, they had to win their final two games against the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

New England Patriots

They have a 19% chance of advancing, they must win their two games against the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets to pass directly. The first one already did it, as they won against the Dolphins 23-21.

They would require both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Las Vegas Raiders to lose at least one of the final two games of the regular season if they were to win only one game.By the time of this writing, Raiders were officially eliminated after losing against the 49ers 37-34 in OT.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars lose their final two games or if the Tennessee Titans drop their final game, it might also benefit them, but Jacksonville won easily against Texas, 31-3.

The New York Jets losing to the Seattle Seahawks but then beating the Dolphins in Week 18 is the final circumstance that would aid them in that hypothetical victory.

Pittsburgh Steelers

They have a 2% chance of moving on, thus they must win their final two games no matter what to maintain hope. The Steelers have a very difficult situation, but it's not impossible, to clinch the seventh-and-last AFC spot since they need:

  • Winning their two remaining games, on the road against the Baltimore Ravens and at Acrisure Stadium against the Cleveland Browns.
  • Let the Miami Dolphins lose both of their games, against the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.
  • That the Patriots are defeated in the game of Week 18 against the Buffalo Bills.
  • May the New York Jets be defeated this Sunday (Week 17) at Lumen Field by the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Finally, since the Jaguars and Titans will meet in Week 18, it doesn't matter who wins or loses, but the only result that doesn't suit them is that they tie each other in the last game.

Jacksonville Jaguars

They must defeat the Titans in Week 18 if they want to win the AFC South divisional championship. Today they win against the Texans, but everything will be defined in the last game of the season.

New York Giants

Before week 17 game, they needed to won one of his last two games, against the Indianapolis Colts or Philadelphia Eagles. The won against the Colts, so the Giants already punched their ticket to the Playoffs.

Green Bay Packers

They must win their final two games and hold out for a Commanders loss; or two Giants losses. They already won the first game today, against the Vikings, and the Commanders lost vs. Browns, so Packers can advance to the Playoffs by winning their last game against the Lions.

Seattle Seahawks

Win their remaining two games and have the Washington Commanders and Green Bay Packers lose one of their two games. Commanders already lost and are eliminated.

Detroit Lions

They require winning both of their games and both the Commanders and Seahawks losing one of their encounters. At this time, Commanders already lost against Browns.

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