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‘He’s in Deep S**t’: Football Fan's ‘Sheepish’ Reaction to Being Caught on Kissing Cam Goes Viral

Twitter fans have swooped in on a viral video of a football fan looking somewhat nervous or sheepish after realising he had been captured kissing a woman on the main screen during a game.

​The fan, attending a match in Guayaquil that pitted Ecuador’s Barcelona Sporting, currently playing in the Ecuadorian Serie A, against Delfin, could be seen awkwardly removing his arm from around the woman after he kissed her and looked up to see the camera homing in on them and broadcasting their lip-locked images on the big screen. Both the man and the woman appeared to sport straight faces and gave off a guilty vibe.

The awkwardness suggested it wasn’t the couple’s intention to have their kiss broadcast for everyone to see.

Within hours of being posted, the clip had been viewed more than 19.4million times.

Twitter users immediately supposed the fellow was in “deep trouble”.

​Many agreed, saying the man looked "nervous" and "sheepish".

​Some seemed to think the video was in reverse.

​However, other fans disagreed with this suggestion.

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