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About Us

EUSPORT is an independent online sports portal established in Vienna in 2016. We are the fastest growing sports website in Europe(25 MIL Unique Visitors in 2020). We value free thinking and plain speech and aim to support the sport in Europe by giving people valuable and accurate information.

Our team of experienced journalists file daily news reports from major sporting events around Europe and beyond and do in-depth investigations on topics of special interest.

If you want EUSPORT to look into a specific issue, please contact our editors. We protect our sources.



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Vlad Indrei

Vlad is the chief editor of EU SportNews. He is a sports journalist since 2010 and has covered many important sporting events as an editor and sports photographer.

Peter Kegl

Peter joined EU SportNews in May 2018.
Previously he worked as a reporter for Eurosport in Paris, and as editor for Sport Bild in Hamburg.

Daniel Stoch

Daniel has been with EU SportNews since its inception. He is the creator of EU SportNews's website and backend systems. He is from Poland and has a master's degree in software development.
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