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Real Madrid draws against Bayern and trembles in the Champions League final

Bayern Munich were close on making a surprise, but Real Madrid trembled somehow in the Champions League final.

After a 2-1 victory in the first leg, Real handed a 2: 2 at the Bernabeu Stadium. In an exciting exchange of blows, which triggered heartbeat among the fans, Bayern had almost turned the 1:2 from the first leg. Joshua Kimmich (3rd minute) scored the early Munich lead in front of 80,000 spectators. Instead of Cristiano Ronaldo, this time, Frenchman Karim Benzema was a threat for Bayern.

Heynckes replaced in the starting lineup Javi Martínez after his skull was bruised in the first leg by Corentin Tolisso. In addition to Martínez missing other key players like Manuel Neuer, Arturo Vidal and Kingsley Coman and Arjen Robben and Jérôme Boateng did not play, but traveled to Madrid to support.

Kimmich scored early for Bayern and the Munich team got off to a spectacular start in the game. After just three minutes, Thomas Müller flanked from the right side, Tolisso was disturbed in the center and the ball fell Kimmich at the feet, which resulted as in the first leg for the 1-0 lead. Four minutes later, superstar footballer Ronaldo had his first significant scene on the opposite side, but the ball tumbled past the Bayern goal. The defending champion showed a quick reaction after the early shock: Marcelo could flank undisturbed and found the criminally free Benzema at the second post, who scored to 1: 1. Alaba gave the French far too much space.

Both Real and Bayern staggered on the defensive and offered the opponent many rooms. The incredibly intense game was led by both teams with open sights. Neither Madrid nor Bayern succeeded in calming the match. Real took as well as Bayern a lot of risk and showed phased Wild West football. Tolisso blackout and Ulreich bloomer led to 2: 1.

The second half began with a shock for Bayern: Only a few seconds after the restart Tolisso played a sloppy back pass on Bayern keeper Sven Ulreich, who slipped away, so that the very present Benzema had to push the ball into the empty net. The Bayern were not stuck despite the setback and were rewarded. James re-opened the game after just over an hour. The Real loan scored with the weaker right foot and waived as announced on a goal celebration.

Navas saved Real 15 minutes before the end with a strong save against Tolisso, who was replaced shortly after. Heynckes brought with Sandro Wagner his last offensive joker. The Bayern tried everything now, but it lacked the last bit of luck for the deciding goal. Navas held several strong shots against the passionately fighting Munich and brought Real to the final.


Benzema: 11', 46'
Kimmich 3'
Rodríguez 63'

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