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Manny Pacquiao destroys Lucas Matthysse, wins WBA title

Manny Pacquiao may call himself world champion again. This Saturday night, the 39-year-old could easily dominate his opponent Lucas Matthysse and defeat him in the seventh round by knockout.

From the beginning, Pacquiao left no doubt who is in charge in the ring. With fast fists from all angles he made life difficult for Matthysse. In the third round, Pacquiao came through with a banging uppercut, after which Matthysse had to be counted for the first time. In the fifth round he fell on his right knee and was counted again.

In the seventh round Pacquiao finally closed the fight. With an uppercut, he sent Matthysse back on the floor. The Argentinian obviously had enough of it, spat out his mouthguard and was finally taken out of the fight.

With the victory against Lucas Matthysse, Pacquiao crowned himself the new WBA welterweight champion. For him, it was the first knockout victory in over eight years. He had secured his last premature victory in November 2009 against Miguel Cotto.

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