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YouTube Boxing match: Ksi vs Logan Paul ends in draw

They fanned many months for this one day - now it was fight time for the successful YouTube brothers duo Jake (21) and Logan Paul (23) as well as KSI (25) and Deji (21). In the Manchester Arena, the big double battle took place. The older brothers Logan and KSI and the younger Jake and Deji fought each other. Only Jake could defeat his opponent!

As TMZ reported, six rounds each were boxed according to classic rules - including the expert jury. Jake defeated Deji with the final gong of the fifth round by K.O. The main fight between Logan and KSI found in the end no winner and drew undecided.

Despite the tie and the taunts, the fight entertained many spectators. Over 800,000 paid $10 to watch the boxing on YouTube, with a further 1.2M concurrent viewers watching via pirated Twitch streams, plus 21,000 fans in attendance at the Manchester arena.
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