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US OPEN: Osaka beats Williams in controversial final

What a sensation: At the age of only 20, the Japanese Naomi Osaka won her first Grand Slam title at the US Open. In a memorable final, she defeated Serena Williams, which almost caused a match cancellation.

Not Serena Williams, but Naomi Osaka wrote a piece of tennis history in New York on Saturday. The only 20-year-old Osaka defeated the 16-year-old American in the final of the US Open after 1:19 hours with 6: 2.6: 4. Osaka is thus the first Grand Slam winner in individual singles from Japan ever.

Following a warning given by Umpire Carlos Ramos over coaching in the second game of the second set, which Williams refused to accept, the situation escalated. Williams smashed her racket after losing a 3-1 lead and received the second warning and a penalty. Williams could not calm down over what she considered an unfair warning from her point of view and sweared during the break towards Ramos. This led to the third warning and associated game loss to 3: 5. Williams asked for the supervisor to come and explained in tears that she was not a "cheater". She demanded that Ramos apologize to her and also announced that he would never again be allowed to play a game of hers.

At the ceremony, there were so many boos that Osaka shamefully pulled the cap over her eyes to hide her tears of disappointment and shame. Until Serena grabbed the microphone and said, "Guys, she played great, this is her first Grand Slam, don't be mean!"

Osaka said in tears, "I know you've wanted her to win, but I'm sorry it ended like that, thank you for watching the match," Osaka said. And to Serena, who had not behaved like an idol that day: "I am grateful that I was allowed to play against you, thank you!"

Osaka won a $ 3.8 million check for her first Grand Slam title, with Williams earning $ 1.85 million. In the ranking Osaka will improve from 19th place to seventh place and thus for the first time in the top ten. Williams will be ranked 16th on Monday.
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