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NFL Draft 2019: Kyler Murray drafted as first pick by Arizona Cardinals

In the NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals pick Kyler Murray first. The quarterback already had a million dollar contract in baseball before.

"With the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Kyler Murray."

The words that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addressed to the NFL fans at the NFL draft seemed unthinkable a few months ago.

In an ESPN interview in December, the 21-year-old had reported completely different plans for the future. "I think I could play in the NFL, but right now it looks like I'm giving up football, my future is up," he said at the time.

Only four months later, Murray is on everyone's lips as number one pick.

It would have been quite another option for the athlete. Because Murray is not only very talented in one sport, but in two.

At college, he shone on the football field as well as baseball.

He was even selected by a team at the 2018 MLB Draft. Ninth, the Oakland Athletics picked him and provided him with a $ 4.66-million deal.

To a commitment in the best baseball league in the world, it never came. Because his contract with the Athletics allowed him to continue to play football at college, he could excel in the Oklahoma Sooners.
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