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German big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner rides a gigantic 95ft wave in Portugal

German Big Wave Surfer Sebastian Steudtner, 33 years old, rode a spectacular monster wave in Portugal's Nazaré during the giant swell of February 7th, the footage was just recently released during the presentation of this years nominations for the WSL Big Wave Awards, in which Steudtner’s wave is now one of the final 5 waves nominated for the Biggest Wave Category. The Awards ceremony will take place in California on May 2nd and a winner or potential new World Record official measurement will be announced .

Locals described this wave as one of the biggest waves of the season and one of the biggest ever. Pedro Miranda, the Filmaker who captured this footage who also captured Rodrigo Koxa’s current World Record last season, said on a statement to the press: “February 7th, was a really tough day to capture video in Nazaré, the myst was thick and the light was terrible, even so I’m really happy to have captured Sebastian’s Wave, that thing was monstrous and Sebastian’s ride was flawless, for sure one of the biggest and most spetacular waves I’ve ever captured out there”.

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