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Neymar Suspended For Hitting Fan, Says He Doesn't Have Cockroach Blood - Report

While social media debated whether Neymar’s punishment was fair and appropriate, the football club he currently plays for, Paris Saint-Germain, moved to appeal his suspension.

Famous Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, commonly known as Neymar, has been handed a three-match ban by the Disciplinary Committee of the French Football Federation for punching a fan, according to an announcement posted on the organisation’s website.

The altercation took place on 27 April, minutes after PSG lost the French Cup final to Stade Rennais FC.
A video of this incident shows Neymar walking through the crowd along with his teammates to collect their 2nd place medals, when suddenly the footballer stops near a fan who was filming the players on a phone, and appears to punch him.

"I was wrong but I don't have cockroach blood", Neymar later said when commenting on his behaviour during the incident, with TMZ explaining that the saying the footballer used essentially means that "he won't back down from people when they cross a line".

Reacting to this development, a number of social media users argued that Neymar’s punishment should’ve been more severe, considering the nature of his transgression.
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