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Chelsea's Coach Maurizio Sarri Leaves Job to Lead Juventus

London's Chelsea football club has confirmed on its website that the team's head coach Maurizio Sarri has left his post after one season to lead Italy's Juventus FC. Sarri has signed a three-year contract with his new club.

"We would also like to congratulate him on securing the role as big as any in Serie A", the statement said.

Commenting on the reasons for Maurizio Sarri's departure from the club after one season, Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia indicated that the coach has recently strongly been wishing to return to his homeland for personal reasons.

"In talks we had following the Europa League final, Maurizio made it clear how strongly he desired to return to his native country. He […] believed it [is] important to be nearer his family, and for the well-being of his elderly parents he felt he needed to live closer to them at this point", Granovskaia said.

Sarri will be replacing Massimiliano Allegri, who led Juventus for the last five years, helping the club not only to win four Italian Cups, but also to secure their eighth consecutive Serie A title. Notably, Maurizio Sarri earlier coached Napoli FC, which is deemed to be one of Juventus' main rivals.

As Chelsea FC head coach, Sarri secured his team a right to play in the Champions League after finishing third in the Premier League and also led them to the club’s second UEFA Europa League victory.

Many of Sarri's fans have hailed his decision to switch clubs, stressing that he deserved the job in Juventus, especially after certain incidents that took place while he led Chelsea.

A lot of Twitterians highlighted the coach's impressive achievements for a single season at Chelasea.

Several netizens noted that Maurizio Sarri's addition to the talented team of Juventus could spur interesting results for the club.

Numerous social media users didn't miss the opportunity to take some friendly jabs at Sarri's notorious bad habit of chain smoking. Some even alleged that his return to Italy will be a tragedy for the British tobacco industry.

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