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‘Never Okay’: Female Wrestler Slams Fan Who Appeared to Grope Her (VIDEO)

During a six-woman match over the weekend organised by AAA, a Mexican wrestling promotion, a man in the front row was caught on camera pulling Bordeaux and groping her from behind for a couple of seconds, before her opponent Lady Shani dragged her away.

Bordeaux, real name Elizabeth Chihaia, said post-match that she was unaware of this interaction, but she appeared riled up.

“It is never okay to touch a performer without their consent,” the 28-year-old wrestler tweeted. “I didn’t realise what happened until I watched the footage afterwards, being so in the moment after a dive with my back turned otherwise I would [have] reacted much differently.”

Although some people claimed that the fan may have simply been trying to hug her – yet in a very awkward way – Bordeaux shrugged off that suggestion.

Wrestling fans flocked to social media to vent their outrage at the groper as well as security guards, who apparently failed to step up to the task.

The wrestler later expanded on her thoughts about the incident, giving a sharp response to those few who said the man was provoked by her revealing costume.

“If you wouldn’t want a stranger to grab you on the street, don’t do it to a wrestler as they’re putting their bodies on the line trying to entertain you,” she wrote.

“What I wear is completely irrelevant. Could be a string bikini or a snowsuit, it doesn’t matter. My body is mine and you cannot touch me without my permission. Most fans I encounter are respectful, awesome people and I appreciate you.”

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