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Neymar Rape Accuser Claims She Is Living in Hell, Receiving Threats

Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza, who accused the world’s most expensive player, Neymar, of raping her, has told BuzzFeed News that her life has turned into a “hell” since the scandal broke out. She claimed that her apartment has been broken into and complained that she can’t take care of her son.

“Everyone’s plotting against me because I’m such a liar, so slanderous ... But if there was not anything [in my complaint], they would not be all that worried about me, would they?” she said, also insisting that she had become a victim of foul play: “Everyone’s being bought. He’s got money, he can buy the world, but I’m telling the truth!”

The reports about rape accusations against the footballer emerged last week. It became known at the time that a woman had reported to the police that in May, Neymar met her in a hotel in the French capital after exchanging Instagram messages, but he then became aggressive and had violent sexual intercourse with her against her will. Najila Trindade then stepped forward, speaking on the Brazilian television network SBT.

According to Trindade, she has since been threatened on social media by users who have stood up for the footballer and accused her slandering Neymar in order to blackmail him. She has vehemently denied these allegations.

“It’s easier to incriminate me as a b*tch, in order to end the case. This world sucks. And you know what’s going to happen? They’re going to kill me and say that I committed suicide, that I was lying, and the life that goes on [sic]. Women will continue to be raped, raped, raped and treated as trash!!!!!” the 26-year-old claimed in a message to BuzzFeed.

At the same time her lawyer, Danilo Garcia de Andrade, has been moved into a hotel for now.

After the accusations emerged, Neymar’s father insisted that his son was being blackmailed, while the football star himself took to social media in a now-deleted seven-minute video to strongly deny the allegations. He shared what seemed to be a private exchange between the two on WhatsApp, with the accuser apparently sending him nude photos of herself, as well as a couple of sexts.

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Neymar is now facing a police probe in Brazil for publishing the woman’s intimate photos without her consent after the release of the images and messages in his video, which was subsequently deleted by both Instagram and Facebook over policy violations.

In the meantime, the international payment giant MasterCard decided that it is going to suspend its marketing campaign with Neymar, while his other sponsor, Nike, earlier issued a statement noting that it is “very concerned by the recent allegations and will continue to closely monitor the situation”.

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