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Russian ‘She-Hulk’ Tennis Ace Teases Netizens Amid ‘Comics Biceps’ Stir

28-year-old Russian tennis ace Vitalia Diatchenko served her followers a dose of sarcasm after unexpectedly gaining viral fame for her surprisingly strong, bulging biceps. The slender beauty posted a video of her kissing her “magic” arm, which looks normal and skinny when the athlete relaxes her muscles, with a joking caption: “Before the Transformation to… Super Hero.”

© REUTERS / Vincent Kessler
Tennis - French Open - Roland Garros, Paris, France - May 27, 2019. Russia's Vitalia Diatchenko in action during her first round match against Serena Williams of the U.S.
Diatchenko’s picture from the match against US ace Serena Williams wowed netizens and media as her guns carried a certain resemblance to the Incredible Hulk’s bulky arms. As Sports Australia pointed out, although her arms look “quite skinny while she’s relaxed”, they display their true form when the player serves her shots.

Despite becoming an online sensation, Diatchenko had to leave the French Open after losing to Williams in a dramatic match. Even though she managed to prevail in the first set 6-2, Diatchenko proved unable to triumph against the US star and lost the final two sets 6-1 and 6-0.

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Notably, Diatchenko was already called Wimbledon's “Incredible Hulk” by British journalists several years ago when she debuted at the UK tournament. 

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