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Zagitova Turns Heads With Jaw-Dropping Stunts in New Programme Set to ‘Stolen’ Music

Russian figure skating star Alina Zagitova has shared a video from her training session, where she is rehearsing her new programme to a hit song by Billie Eilish titled “Bag guy”.

In the clip, which has been uploaded on her official Instagram account, the  athlete demonstrates the impressive stunts she has mastered in the best possible way – a cascade, a triple lutz jump and a triple toe loop, to the cheers of her crowd of fans. “Will build up the programme bit by bit”, Zagitova’s team wrote in the caption, prompting many to express their delight at the figure skating star’s performance.

“Oh, it halts at the most interesting moment – that of a climax. Zagitova teases like no one else can”, one fan wrote, with another continuing:

“Her jumps look so good and omg I can’t wait”.

“What a gorgeous cascade”, another butted in, while a different user remarked that it would prove to be something extraordinary as “our queen” is preparing to rock the skating rink.

However, the brand-new programme, which is now in the making, is not foreign to controversy. In May, Zagitova’s choreographer Daniil Gleikhengauz met a barrage of criticism over their team’s choice of music.  Many asserted that she would be dancing to the “Stolen” track, which had originally been picked for Zagitova’s compatriot, Evgeniya Medvedeva. Later on, when speaking in an interview with the YouTube channel “Macarena”, she admitted that she really liked the music track by Eilish.

Russia's 2018 Olympic Champion in figure skating, Zagitova made headlines in early May when she topped the list of the International Skating Union's best female figure skaters, followed by Japanese figure skater Satoko Miyahara and Evgeniya Medvedeva, who took second and third spots respectively.

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