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Atletico Madrid Footballer Antoine Griezmann Signs For FC Barcelona - Club

FC Barcelona stated on Friday that the French football star Antoine Griezmann has signed a 120 million euro contract to join the team for five years after the club paid a buyout fee to Atletico Madrid. According to the club, the footballer's contract will be effective through 30 June 2024.

​Griezmann is likely to play on the left-wing that has been unoccupied following Neymar's departure two seasons ago.

The Catalonian professional club has been trying to woo Griezmann for almost two years. However, the French football star publicly rejected their offer in a documentary called The Decision.

Griezmann then signed up for Madrid Atletico which he left in May 2019 after playing five seasons during which he scored 133 goals.

Football fans took to Twitter with many of them welcoming the footballer's transfer.

​Others, however, were less impressed by the news.

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