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Cristiano Ronaldo Fans Take Jabs at Lionel Messi After Argentina Crushed at Copa America

Argentina’s loss, with Number 10 in the squad, has renewed the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry on social media, especially given the positive vibes around Ronaldo after his joyful win in the 2016 Euros and this summer’s Nations League with Portugal.

Some fans treated Ronaldo’s wins as more than sufficient grounds to think that he is the better player, as compared to Barcelona icon Messi, who is still trophy-less on the international stage.

Speculation ran high on if Messi will ever be able to get an international trophy for his home country:

One even brought up what Lionel Messi himself had to say on the subject some time ago:

There were those, however, who stood up in Messi’s defence, arguing that he is no less a star than his Portuguese rival:

Brazil swept past Argentina 2-0 with Premier League stars Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firmino netting goals. However, the semi-final wasn’t without a tad of controversy around it, as the referee made no use of VAR throughout the tense clash, with some fans arguing there was a clear Argentina penalty had been disregarding, when when Sergio Aguero was attacked off the ball by Dani Alves.

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