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Khabib’s Manager Mocks Boxer Floyd Mayweather for ‘Running Out of Money’ - Report

Ali Abdelaziz, the manager for UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, suggested that former champion Mayweather is “running out of money,” adding that he is “begging” to fight Khabib, a Daily Mail report says.

“Floyd Mayweather to this day keeps begging to fight Khabib, begging!,” Abdelaziz said, according to the Mail. “Floyd's running out of money.”

According to Abdelaziz, Khabib receives numerous fight proposals but he’s “not interested” for the time being.

“I'm telling you, people reaching out to me every week about Floyd to fight Khabib but at the end of the day, we're not interested, for now,” he said. “At the end of the day we're fighting Dustin Poirier, he's a true No 1 contender.”

Khabib is currently preparing to face interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier in UFC 242 this September, according to The Daily Mail.

Abdelaziz’s gloating may be misplaced, however, as Mayweather recently shared a photo on social media of himself and $2 million in cash laid out on a table.

On 2018 New Year’s Eve, the retired boxer out-punched Japanese fighter Tenshin Nasukawa, earning an estimated $9 million, the report claims. Mayweather competed between 1996-2007, and again between 2009-2015. 

In 2017, he made a one-fight comeback to beat Ireland’s Conor McGregor. The fight earned Mayweather $300 million, with another $100 million going to McGregor, earning the event a nickname “The Money Fight.”

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