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Lulz as Ronaldo Watches Rivals Copy His Goal Celebration Gesture From Bench

A real talking point is the ex-Real Madrid and now Juve star regularly rushing towards the side of the field before jumping up in the air and spinning 360 degrees while stretching his arms.

During Friday’s pre-season friendly in South Korea, however, the gesture was not merely chewed over, but openly mocked. While Ronaldo sat on the bench due to muscle issues as Juventus took on the K-League All Stars in Seoul, there were “some of the younger figures stepping up”, manager Maurizio Sarri noted.

After Daegu FC's striker Cesinha scored making it 2-1 to the hosting Korean team just before half-time, he rounded up his co-players and headed for the corner flag before leading two others in their synchronised copying of the Ronaldo celebration.

Fans immediately took it for mockery:

"Cheeky s**t", one exclaimed, while many resorted to hilarious memes to show their astonishment:

One laughing fan dubbed Ronaldo “penaldo”, suggesting he was scared of copycats and thus didn’t play.

“Unreal influence”, another put it.

However, one suggested that the goal was dedicated to Ronaldo, as he was “pointed towards”, which made him smile a wee bit:

Friday's match between Juventus and K League All Stars ended in 3-3 draw, with Juve having first fallen 3-1 behind.

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