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Real Madrid's Manager Zidane Called ‘Disgrace’ For Comments On Team Star Gareth Bale - Report

The agent representing Gareth Bale, Welsh winger for Real Madrid, has reacted to Zinedine Zidane's latest comments regarding the departure of the footballer from the team.

In a statement reported by ESPN, Bale's agent Jonathan Barnett said that Zidane was a disgrace to say such a thing about a player who had contributed so greatly for Real Madrid.

Zidane has hinted on numerous occasions that he wanted Barnett gone ever since the French footballer became Real Madrid's head coach in March.

© Sputnik / Denis Tyrin
Zinedine Zidane

On Saturday, Zidane claimed that Bale was 'very close' to departing the team after Madrid lost 3-1 to Bayern Munich.

30-year-old Gareth Bale was born in Wales and is currently considered Wales' highest scorer of all time. He joined Real Madrid in 2013 and scored 78 goals during the course of his career in the team.

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