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Russian 'Booty Slapping' Champ Cracks the 'Bottle Cap Challenge'

Russia’s booty slapping queen Nastya Zolotaya, 25, has nailed the “bottle cap challenge” in her own style, as she posted a slow-motion video of herself completing the task flawlessly.

Wearing seductive scanty underwear, Nastya uses her well-toned booty to flick the cap off the top of a bottle. She subsequently challenged model Anastasia Mizgireva to perform the stunt.

The “bottle cap challenge” is the latest internet craze that has celebrities attempting to flick the cap off a bottle by using a spinning back kick.

After completing the challenge, they subsequently nominate other celebrities, which has seen the challenge reach actor Ryan Reynolds, and sporting star Conor McGregor, who in turn challenged boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.
However, some have approached the challenge in a more inventive manner, like Zolotaya.

Nastya Zolotaya is known for being the winner of the “Booty Slapping” tournament, which was first staged in Moscow as part of the Yashankin bodybuilding cup.

This is a recent female version of the slapping sport.

The tournament sees fitness freaks of the fairer sex face off against one another to spank each other's derrieres.

According to the simple rules of the competition, the winner is the one whose slap is hard enough to knock the rival off balance, causing them to fall over or step forward, while avoiding any serious harm.

The contestants thus put to the test the results of their rigorous squat regimes.

The “Booty Slapping” idea came from a Russian men's “slapping” competition held in Siberia in March, which was won by Vasiliy “Dumpling” Kamotskiy.

In March, the big fella, a farmer from Siberia, rose to internet stardom with a viral clip of his knockout win at the inaugural “Male Slapping championships” at the “Siberian Power Show” that was shared by figures from the MMA world such as Joe Rogan.

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