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'Most Lethal Bowler in World Cricket': Twitter in Shock as Archer Smiles After KOing Steve Smith

The fourth day of the second Ashes Test cricket championship was overshadowed by the UK's Jofra Archer delivering two major blows to Australia's Steve Smith with a bouncer, forcing him to interrupt his participation in the game due to injury. Smith shook off the first hit relatively unscathed, as it struck his forearm. The second one, however, hit him on the neck, beneath the helmet, effectively knocking him out and falling to the ground.

Some twitterians called the incident "frightening", while others proclaimed that Jofra Archer is "the most lethal bowler in world cricket" of our time.

But it's not Archer's "killing" throws that shocked netizens the most, but rather seeing him moments later smiling in the company of teammate Jos Buttler. While there was nothing to suggest that the two were laughing at the situation that sent Smith to the ground and guaranteed him a check-up for a concussion, some netizens still pointed out that it appeared inappropriate.

Many netizens came to Archer's defence, though, pointing out that he actually looked shocked right after the incident and that the smile could be a way to cope with or hide this.

Despite sustaining a significant injury, Smith returned to the game later in the session after being briefly assessed by a doctor. According to a statement by the team, Smith is slated to undergo additional check-ups in the near future as a result of the two blows that he received.

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