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Referee Books Brazilian Soccer Legend Kaka to Get Selfie During Match and Netizens Love It

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, known as Kaka, is a legend of Brazilian soccer, and it's akin to crime to miss a chance to take a snap with him. So the same thought apparently had Israeli referee Lilach Asulin, who decided to take a selfie with the soccer star during a friendly match between former players from Brazil and Israel.

It was the second part of the Shalom Game in Haifa, when the referee blew the whistle and brandished Kaka a yellow card. While the other players seemed surprised as to why the former Real Madrid and AC Milan legend got in the book, the referee stayed quite confident, took out her phone and snap a selfie with the legendary player.

The confusion quickly gave way to friendly laughter, when everybody realized what had happened. Kaka, in turn, stayed calm, smiled and patted Asulin on the back. A number of the Brazilian players can be also seen shaking hands with the referee before the play resumed.

The netizens also supported the brave referee.

"Forget Cr7 and Messi, this refree is the real goat," said one of the Twitter users.

​"Can’t say I’d blame her," said another one.

​"Something I will also do...", said one of the users.

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