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Tyson Fury Gets Enraged, Restrained by Security After Being Mocked by Braun Strowman at WWE - Video

After American professional wrestler Braun Strowman scattered his rivals on the ring halfway through a five-on-five tag-team match, he greeted Tyson Fury, who was sitting in the first row. However, the wrestler then began to provoke Fury, at first by waving his fists at him, then apparently by offending him.

Fury ignored the provocation until Strowman pushed wrestler Dolph Ziggler into Fury, making the "Gypsy King" fall back into his seat, clearly angering him. The former heavyweight champion immediately leapt over the barricade separating the crowd from the ring, attempting to get to Strowman. 

However, eight security guards appeared, trying to hold Fury back while he was shouting.

The shocking moment left fans aghast, despite the fact that it appears to have all been part of the show.

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