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Cristiano Ronaldo Dodges Fine for Alleged 'Son of a Whore' Outburst at Juventus Boss - Reports

Soccer celebrity Cristiano Ronaldo will not be fined for his reaction to being substituted in Juventus’s 1-0 win over AC Milan on Sunday, according to reports in Italy.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the 34-year-old Portuguese forward will dodge punishment for reportedly calling manager Maurizio Sarri a “son of a whore” before storming down the tunnel to the changing rooms, but will be expected to apologise to his team-mates for not returning to the bench.

​Ronaldo risked receiving a two-year ban due to anti-doping regulations after there were concerns that he left the Allianz Stadium early.

Sky Sport Italia, as per Football Italia, reported that Ronaldo left the stadium three minutes before full-time on Sunday.

Maurizio Sarri confirmed after the game that there was no issue with Ronaldo and that he understands his frustrations.

The manager of Serie A club Juventus explained that injury was behind the reason why he brought Ronaldo off in the second half.

“We must thank Ronaldo, because he made a sacrifice to be there at all tonight in a difficult situation,” Sarri explained.

“He did everything possible to play, but I saw he was not well and thought it best to take him off. It’s only natural a player is going to be irritated to leave the pitch, especially when he worked so hard to be there.”

Sarri insisted that Ronaldo had been experiencing a knee problem after receiving “a knock in training” which had “hurt the collateral ligament”.

Cristiano Ronaldo broke his silence on Monday morning by taking to social media.

While refusing to acknowledge his recent outburst, he posted the brief comment:

“Difficult game, important victory! #until the end.”

Fans weighed in on the incident, with some commenting on social media that the forward should not have been let off the hook.

​Some fans, while expressing support for Ronaldo, deplored he was not a team player.

Many wished the forward speedy recovery from injury.

​Netizens were split on their reaction to the manager, Maurizio Sarri’s decision to subb the forward off in the match.

​Cristiano Ronaldo’s lack of punishment for the outburst has some criticising the fact that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is seemingly above the law, according to Corriere dello Sport.

Currently, Ronaldo is away on international duty with Portugal and will return for Juventus’ next Serie A clash with Atalanta in 11 days time.

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