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Russia's MMA Fighter Nurmagomedov Reveals His 2020 UFC Comeback Conditions

The sports organization must apologize and reimburse hundreds of thousands of dollars before a possible fight on the US soil, according to Nurmagomedov, cited by Russian-based media outlets.

"I can fight in April in New York or Las Vegas. But then, one

must bring me apologies and return almost half of a million-dollar back", the Russian athlete said, adding that he was "unfairly fined" after a brawl at the UFC 229 tournament in Las Vegas last year.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) disqualified Russian MMA fighter Nurmagomedov and his opponent, Ireland's Conor McGregor, for a brawl after their 6 October 2018 fight.

Nurmagomedov defeated McGregor in the main event of the UFC 229 tournament, defending his UFC lightweight championship. Immediately after the end of the fight, the Russian athlete engaged in a verbal altercation, allegedly provoked by a member of McGregor's team, and then jumped over the fence into the fans, prompting a brief brawl.

According to the commission's decision, McGregor was disqualified for six months and fined $50,000, while Nurmagomedov faced a nine-month disqualification and a $500,000 fine.

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