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Scantily-Clad Manchester United Fan Ignites Netizens to Toss in Idea About New Manager

Faroe Islands-born Katrina Maria, who has built a social media profile as a dedicated Manchester United babe, has offered her 68,000 followers to ponder what the recent reshuffle in the Premier League will mean for her favourites.

The beauty resides in Copenhagen, Denmark but her heart is at Old Trafford. She has asked her fans if manager Mauricio Pochettino, whom Tottenham Hotspur let go and replaced with Jose Mourinho, could end up at Manchester United.

However, she also threw in a word of support for Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the club’s current manager, who’s been criticised for the team’s bleak performance of late.

“Sooo José is the new manager at Tottenham, and Poch Got fired! Well what does this mean for United? Will we get Poch as manager now? I don’t know. Only time will tell!! Poch is an amazing manager, but I do still believe in Ole! How are you guys feeling about this? Do you think Ole should get replaced with Poch?” she wrote in the caption to a photo of herself in a red jersey, tiny knickers, and suspenders.

The suggestion to sign up “Poch” did not find many fans among her commenters.

“Ole Ole Ole Ole! It took Klopp two years, it took Alex Ferguson two years, stop blaming managers for poor performance!” one of them noted, while another advised, “Give Ole more time”.

Some appeared to be more pleased to see the Instagrammer leading the squad.

“I think you should be United manager. At least you have absolute power to lure the players we need in our squad and you know a lot of about united and football”, one of the commenters posted.

The photo picked by Katrina Maria left some unable to focus on football. As one netizen explained, “looking at this picture keeps making me forget the question”.

“Yes you said it all.. but as I was looking at your pictures I started forgetting some of my comments. But is all good”, one follower noted.

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