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Chechen Leader Kadyrov Challenges MMA Legend Emelianenko

Kadyrov had posted a video message to Emelianenko on Instagram.

According to Kadyrov, there's a new fad in the sports world: everyone who isn't too lazy to bother is challenging Emelianenko to fight them.

 “I also decided to do this, but have not yet decided what sport it is,” said the head of Chechnya and asked his subscribers to help him in this matter.

“I’ll simply say to myself - I’m determined to give a little lesson of skill to our friend in any form,” Kadyrov added.

In response, Emelianenko made it clear that by doing so the leader of Chechnya supported his flash mob “Challenge Emelianenko”, which he himself launched in preparation for the fight with Mikhail Koklyaev.

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