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Fans Rattled as Journo Bashes Cristiano Ronaldo's ‘Superhuman Leap’, Says Lionel Messi Header Better

Football journalist Adrian Durham has weighed in on the recent internet debate sparked by Portuguese striker and forward for Serie A club Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo’s goalscoring prowess after he scored an amazing header against Sampdoria on 18 December.

​Durham did little to conceal his exasperation on TalkSPORT’s show Drivetime, claiming he was sick of everyone “banging on and on” about the incident, saying:

“Ronaldo jumped up to head a ball and it went in… And all of a sudden it’s gone viral and it’s as if nobody has ever jumped in the air to head a football.”

When his co-host, former England cricketer Darren Gough, argues that the striker’s “hang-time” is unbelievable, “like he’s flapping his wings,” the journalist goes off on a rant:

“He is NOT hanging… There is no hang time at all! He’s jumped up and then he’s hit the ground afterwards! He’s not hanging in the air, they’ve slowed it down!

The sports broadcaster then adds fuel to the fire by feeding into the long-standing Messi-Ronaldo rivalry, pointing out:

“And I tell you what, there was a better header ten years ago in to the Champions League final, Lionel Messi against Manchester United. If you compare the height of the two players, look at how high Messi jumps…it’s an incredible goal from Messi.”

Claiming to be sick of fans fawning over everything Cristiano Ronaldo does, Durham continues:

“What, do you think he has special powers that make him hover in the air? It’s just Ronaldo, he jumped and he landed! And do you know what? He actually jumps too high! He actually heads it on the way down, so he didn’t need to jump that high. So Ronaldo actually got it wrong!”

Naturally, fans took a dim view of the journalist denigrating their idol.

​Other fans were tickled by the firey rivalry evident among Ronaldo-Messi fans.

​Some fans seemed to be losing interest in the debate, though.

​Cristiano Ronaldo’s towering header against Sampdoria on 18 December on the stroke of half-time had wowed fans, with many rushing online to drool over their idol’s athleticism and prowess, with replays of the incident making the miraculous “hang-time” look even better.

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