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Khabib Admits He Wanted to Bite McGregor Prior to 2018 Fight

Russian UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has admitted in an interview to Russian media that he wanted to bite Conor McGregor and members of his team during his rumble with the Irish fighter last year.

"I had to restrain myself during the preparations for the fight, put aside my emotions not to lose my temper. However, I have my own understanding of what was happening. I couldn't understand how a fighter, the same as I am, could offend me", Khabib said.

"My father is another type of person, he wouldn't approve of my actions", Khabib added.

Last week, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced that Khabib would defend his title in a long-awaited fight against US opponent Tony Ferguson on 18 April in New York.

The latest bout of the Russian fighter was in September at the Abu Dhabi tournament, when Khabib beat his opponent Dustin Poirier by a rear-naked choke in round three.

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