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Former Liverpool Defender Sami Hyppia Explains Mohamed Salah’s Success With the Football Club

Former Liverpool defender Sami Hyppia explained that Mohamed Salah owes his achievements to the selflessness of his teammates.

“I think the reason for Mohamed Salah’s success is that the Liverpool players enjoy playing with each other and the front three are selfless,” Hyppia said, as quoted by beIN Sports.

“I think Salah is the most important player for the team along with Firmino. The front three help in building plays and Salah shined when he gained confidence in himself and I hope his form continues,” he added.

Salah has had an outstanding season in Liverpool, with 14 goals and eight assists in all competitions.

Liverpool currently top the Premier League with 61 points after 21 games played.

Mohamed Salah is not only a Liverpool footballer, he's also a member of the Egyptian national team. Previously, he was named the best football player on the African continent in 2017. The corresponding award was received by the forward from the African Football Confederation.

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