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Khabib's Manager Slams McGregor's Team, Ridicules Physique of 'The Notorious'

Ali Abdelaziz, manager of Russian MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, has lashed out at the team of Irish fighter Conor McGregor less than two weeks before his fight with Donald Cerrone.

"Listen, his coaches before the [Khabib] fight said: 'He's ready, he's gonna knock Khabib out inside three rounds, he's never been in better shape,'" Abdelaziz told TMZ Sport.

Following the loss to the Russian fighter in 2018, McGregor 's team blamed poor preparation, but Nurmagomedov's team thinks that this is just an excuse.

"And after that, they said: they had a horrible camp, his foot was like a balloon. They're liars," Abdelaziz added.

McGregor has recently published a photo on his Instagram posing chest-naked in front of a mirror. According to his coach John Kavanah, it's "the best he's seen him."

Ali Abdelaziz, however, has mocked the physique of "the Notorious," saying that he looks like "a blew-out balloon."

"He's a bodybuilder. That's what I think. He's getting no love from us," Abdelaziz said.

After losing to Nurmagomedov in the fourth round of UFC 229, McGregor has challenged the Russian fighter to a rematch this year. The Irish fighter, however, should first handle the upcoming fight with Donald Cerrone that is set for 19 January.

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