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Man United’s ‘Sexiest Fan’ Shares Optimistic Forecast Ahead of Her Favourites’ Clash With Liverpool

Nordic stunner Katrina Maria, who has amassed more than 70,000 followers on Instagram as a Manchester United supporter and has been dubbed its "sexiest fan" by British tabloids, has suggested that her love for the Red Devils has paid off. Ahead of the crucial Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool, she told the Daily Star Online that the sales of her calendar, which she issued on a dream run as an Old Tafford fan, have been "really good".

She has not provided any info about how many copies have been sold, but noted that the success inspired her to go ahead with more products.

"My fans really wanted something they could buy and have in a physical form. So I decided that maybe a calendar was a good idea, but I'm definitely going to do more products in 2020. I would like to do T-shirts and posters, stuff like that, because my followers really want it", she told the outlet.

The model, who comes from the Faroe Islands but resides in Denmark, also revealed that she feels positive about Norwegian manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team, predicting that they can secure a Champions League position, finishing in the top four.

"I'm always expecting a lot, and I think we are going to buy some new players in January, I'm hoping because we do need some. I'm expecting us to play our best and end in the top four by the end of the season", she said, sharing her hope.

The past year, as she recalled, has had moments to cheer, namely, the win against Manchester City and the victory over Chelsea. However, it has had its low points, as well.

"The Chelsea one I loved it, it really meant a lot, that's probably my favourite moment. The worst is probably that we have not been steady and consistent, we have had games where we played really good, and others s***. We have lost some games against teams that we should have won", she told the outlet.

Manchester United ranks fifth on the Premier League table ahead of the clash with Jurgen Klopp's squad, which is to take place at Anfield, behind Chelsea, Leicester, Manchester City, and its rival today, Liverpool. The latter has already played 21 matches and gained 61 points to sit at the top of the EPL table after a winning streak, while Man United has 34 points.

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