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Mohamed Salah Shares Pre-Match Thoughts as Liverpool Scores 2 Goals Over Man United

Liverpool's Egyptian-born forward, Mohamed Salah, slotted the second goal in Sunday’s match against Manchester United in stoppage-time, guaranteeing the Reds their 21st win out of 22 league matches this season.

The football star, who missed an October

match against the Red Devils that ended at (1–1), assumed that he thought was not going to score in the match until he “came back mentally” and prepared himself to “keep calm”.

“But even if I didn’t score today, it doesn’t matter – as long as the team keeps winning, I’m fine with that,” Salah told Sky Sports.

“We just need to keep focused on each game. We don’t have to think now we’ve won the Premier League. No, we need to take it game by game, that’s the only way we can win the Premier League. We struggled last season at the same time [of the campaign], so we have to keep calm and just focus on each game,”

the player said.

On Saturday, during a pre-match interview with Norwegian media outlet TV 2 Sporten, Salah joked about his team’s loss of two points during the 20 October match against Manchester United at Old Trafford, saying the reason for the outcome was his absence.

“Yeah, because I was injured", Salah quipped during the interview before laughing in response to the reporter's question on why the Reds lost two points. “No", he quickly added, however, becoming serious again, "I think they played a good game against us and we also had chances to win the game and we were unlucky. It's time now to focus on our next game and to win it."

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