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Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp Reveals How the Reds Deal With Complacency

During a recent press conference Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed how his side deals with complacency. In an elegant manner the 52-year-old said: "There is no place for complacency” as he noted that the Reds’ only focus is winning games and ending the club’s 30-year drought for the Premier League title.

"Our side, winning a football game is the only target we have for the specific day, Wednesday, Saturday, whenever. We can only do it by winning the games, and we want to do something special, that’s why as long as you don’t see the finish line or you don’t step over the finishing line, then there’s no space for [complacency]", the German said during the press conference after Liverpool’s victory over West Ham United.

Klopp, who became the Reds’ manager in 2015 after he coached Borussia Dortmund for seven years, revealed how the last three seasons were important for Liverpool’s growth, touting his side's season last year, when the club came second in second with 97 points losing only to champions Manchester City, who finished with 98 points.

That impressive run coupled with a title in last year’s Champions League have given the Merseyside squad confidence that it is able to win every game.

"We always said that consistency makes all the difference that was always our problem from the years before. So we had these outstanding moments when you thought ‘wow, how can this team lose any game?' Then a few days later we showed we can, easy. So that is what we tried to change, and that obviously worked out last year. Not just getting to the final, but to get the prize", Jurgen Klopp said during the press conference.

How Many Records Will the Reds Beat This Season?

With Liverpool currently on top of the Premier League table and Manchester City trailing behind them by 19 points, fans and sports pundits are debating how many records Jurgen Klopp’s side can achieve this season.

Move, Red Devils!

Liverpool already has more wins than Manchester United dubbed the Red Devils in the 1998/99 season, when they became treble-winners, scooping up the FA Cup, Champions League, and Premier League.

Joining the Invincibles and Beating Them

Should the Reds win the premier league this season without losing a single game they would join two other English teams that made history by claiming the title without sustaining losses, Arsenal in 2003/04 and Preston North End in 1888/89. Liverpool can even surpass Arsenal dubbed the Invincibles that season.

Like the Gunners, the Merseyside squad is now unbeaten for more than a year and are approaching Arsenal’s impressive result of 49 victories.

Setting New European Record

If the Reds’ want to take on the European record they'll need to stay unbeaten for more than 58 matches. Milan were unbeaten for two years from 1991 to 1993.

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