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Sorry, No Can Do: Jurgen Klopp Responds to 10-Year Old Man Utd Fan Who Wants Liverpool to Lose

Liverpool F.C. manager Jurgen Klopp has penned a rather heartwarming response to a young fan of a rival team who had asked him to prevent the Reds from winning in future games.

In his missive, the 10-year old Manchester United fan named Daragh Curley complained that if Liverpool wins just nine more games, it will have "the best unbeaten run in English football", and sought to convince Klopp to "not win the league or win another match ever again".

Thanking the boy for his letter, Klopp explained that he can’t grant Daragh’s request, "not through choice anyway", as his job is to "do everything" to help Liverpool win.

"Luckily for you, we have lost games in the past and we will lose games in the future because that is football", Klopp wrote. "The problem is when you are 10-years-old you think that things will always be as they are now but if there is one thing I can tell you as 52-years-old it is that this most definitely isn't the case."

​He also remarked that Manchester United is lucky to have such fan as Daragh.

"I hope that if we are lucky enough to win more games and maybe even lift some more trophies you will not be too disappointed because although our clubs are great rivals we also share a great respect for one another", Klopp added. "This, to me, is what football is all about."

Quite a few social media users seemed to appreciate the Liverpool’s manager move, with some admitting that even though they’re not fond of the team itself, they can’t help but admire the man.

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