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Arsenal Head Coach Brags of Insider Knowledge That Could Help Defeat Manchester City

Manchester City currently holds second place in the season standings, while Arsenal has secured only eighth. Arsenal's last Premier League victory over Manchester City came in December 2015. At that time, Mikel Arteta was still playing for the Gunners.

Arteta, nevertheless, remains hopeful that his insider knowledge will help his team on Tuesday.

"It gives me a very clear idea of what they are trying to do, what they will be looking to do [...] It's something different to be able to stop that and as well create the issues that I think we can create for them. That has to happen on the day, when they are at their best, we know what they are capable of", Arteta said,

cited by The Daily Mail.

Notably, in his three seasons as Guardiola's assistant, Arteta's only defeat came in the 2017 FA Cup.

"It's going to be a very special night, I am very excited to get back there... I have some fantastic memories [...] But obviously now I am in a different position, another bench, and I will defend my club as well as I can. To have any chance to win a game at the Etihad against those players, we have to be at our best. I think we are in two different processes and levels, at the moment", Arteta suggested, cited by The Daily Mail.

Despite Arteta's confidence and "insider knowledge", Arsenal will be playing against Manchester City without their main midfielder, Lucas Torreira, who was reported on the injury list after he broke his ankle in a match against Portsmouth.

Arteta, however, remains confident that Shkodran Mustafi and Cedric Soares will be able to perform at their best against the Citizens.

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