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Liverpool 'Lost One Game' But Number of Wins Remains 'Incredible Feat' - Chelsea Manager Lampard

Chelsea Head Coach Frank Lampard said that he does not assume Liverpool’s loss to Watford will make it easier to challenge them in the FA Cup fifth round at Stamford Bridge.

“Why? Because they lost one game? Maybe not, who knows? That can go either way. They have become relatively human for one game. It can happen in this Premier League, which is incredibly competitive. It shows how well they have done in the last year or so, particularly this season. So I can’t comment that it will be any easier,” he said as quoted by The Guardian.

According to Lampard, the recent Liverpool’s defeat against Watford shows how special they have been for so long.

“Liverpool have just had a couple of results like the rest of us do. They’ve been out on their own this season. It has been an incredible feat from Jürgen Klopp and the whole squad and they have just become slightly normal,” he stressed.

The 28th round of the English Premier League turned out to be truncated due to the League Cup final, in which Manchester City beat Aston Villa. However it contained a lot of surprises: “Watford” defeated “Liverpool”, interrupting the 14-month series without defeats, and “Leicester” lost to “Norwich”. Tottenham lost to Wolverhampton, and the central match of the tour between Manchester United and Everton ended in a draw.

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