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UFC Head Confesses to Having Problems With Organising Khabib-Ferguson Fight

During a YouTube conversation with former professional boxer Mike Tyson, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) head Dana White said that he has had to constantly overcome problems while organising UFC 249 featuring Khabib Nurmagamedov.

The businessman noted that he "is trying to return normalcy in this country" by organising UFC fights but his plans for the UFC 249 fight have been crumbling.

According to Mr White, currently, there are five places where the UFC 249 bout can be held, though the organisation will only be able to schedule it after it finally decides on the arena.

As was reported earlier, the fight was initially planned to be held in Florida, but Khabib's father refused to fly to the US.

Dana White has already cancelled three championships that were to be held in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, he doesn't intend to cancel or change the date of the Khabib-Ferguson fight.

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