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Football Legend Ronaldinho Released on Bail From Paraguayan Prison - Reports

Ronaldinho will leave the Agrupacion Especializada jail in Paraguay after 32 days of imprisonment, as he has been granted house arrest, according to the Daily Star. He and his brother had previously been denied bail due to a flight risk but were later permitted to deposit the money ($800,000 for each one).

The former Barcelona player had come to the country to present his new book, however, Ronaldinho and his brother allegedly used fake IDs at the border.

© REUTERS / Jorge Adorno
Paraguay police question Ronaldinho over alleged 'adulterated' passport - Paraguayan Public Ministry, Asuncion, Paraguay - March 5, 2020

According to their lawyer, the said documents were "gifted" to the brothers by a businessman, but they allegedly believed that were "honorary" passports and not the real ones. He also said they used it at the border instead of their real papers "by mistake".

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