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Brazilian Footballer Reportedly Survives Car Accident Involving a 200-Meter Tall Cliff

A midfielder named Henrique from Brazilian football club Cruzeiro has emerged with “no fractures” after the car he was in ended up plummeting down a 200 meter tall cliff in Rola Moca state near Belo Horizonte, local media outlet Globo Esporte reports.

The footballer, who sustained minor abrasions, was rushed to a private hospital in Belo Horizonte mere hours after the accident occurred on 26 June, following a rescue effort that involved the participation of four fire engines.

According to the media outlet, a military police document states that Henrique was "disoriented and confused" at the time of his rescue, so the authorities were unable to gather more information about the incident from him.

The footballer's manager reportedly said that Henrique is conscious and remains in hospital.

Globo Esporte notes that the site of the accident was "difficult to access", which apparently complicated the process of retrieving the footballer's car, a Land Rover, from the cliff where it crashed.

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