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Daniel Cormier Says UFC Must Do Everything in Their Power to Bring McGregor Back

Daniel Cormier, an MMA fighter and former Olympic wrestler, has called on the UFC to do everything in their power to keep Conor McGregor in the sport and make him reverse his decision to quit.

The heavyweight fighter, who is also a key part of the organisation's broadcasting team, thinks that the UFC will become a significantly inferior product without the Irish fighter. 

"Everything's just bigger when he competes. And the whole aspect of that is gone when he fights in front of no fans.[...] Again it's not worth the penalty if he walks away. It's not worth it, you gotta make it work for him", Cormier said on the DC and Helwani show.  

McGregor announced his third retirement in the past four years over the weekend, claiming that nothing in the sport excites him anymore.  

"The game just doesn't excite me, and that's that. All this waiting around. There's nothing happening", he told ESPN.

Earlier this year, the Irish MMA star spoke about fighting three or four times before 2021, however, the lockdown regimes imposed worldwide have impeded his plans.

Meanwhile, MMA fans hope that McGregor will reverse his decision, with jokes circulating on social media that he had taken the decision after having several glasses of his own whiskey.

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