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Criminal Probe Launched Into FIFA President Infantino

Special prosecutor Stefan Keller, tasked with reviewing criminal complaints against FIFA President Gianni Infantino, has launched criminal proceedings against the head of the organisation, the authority overseeing Switzerland's federal prosecutors stated on Thursday.

The prosecutor, who was assigned to the case earlier this month, has also requested approval to initiate proceedings against Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber. The attorney offered to resign last week after a court concluded that he'd had secret meetings with Infantino and lied to his supervisors in the Swiss judiciary as his office was investigating FIFA-related corruption.

In May, former President of the Union of European Associations (UEFA) Michel Platini said in an interview with L'Illustre magazine that Lauber and Infantino's secret meetings had led to a probe into him over bribery charges.

Platini said that Infantino had gained his position due to a "skillful combination of circumstances". He added that both the FIFA head and Lauber covered up their meetings because they thought they were "untouchable and above the law".

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