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Twitterati and the World Celebrate Messi's 700th Career Football Goal

Fifteen years after his first goal, Barcelona's captain Lionel Messi scored his 700th, in the second period of a match against Atletico, causing football fans around the world to celebrate the achievement.

It took the Argentine-born forward over 860 games to score his 700 goals. He shares this record with Cristiano Ronaldo, a world-famous, Portuguese-born footballer, who nonetheless required 974 matches to reach the remarkable result.

Social media users praised Messi's 'panenka' during a penalty shot - a technique used to deceive the goalkeeper, making him pick a side, while the ball is then headed toward the centre.

​While celebrating Messi's achievement, netizens pointed out how he marked it himself - some users said that he took inspiration from his son's ideas.

​Some could not help but compare him with Cristiano Ronaldo - the only other player to score 700 goals. Ronaldo has more goals but it has taken him more games to reach this number.

​Some users rolled out graphics showing exactly how the two famous footballers have scored their goals, revealing that unexpected body parts can help you to be a champion. 

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