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More Than 83 Arrests Made in Paris After Bayern Wins UEFA Champions League Final

"3:00 am [01:00 GMT], the preliminary assessment is 83 people arrested by the police," the police prefecture said in a Twitter post on Monday.

​In an earlier tweet, police said that a total of 43 people had been arrested "in connection with violence."

According to a Sputnik correspondent, police used tear gas against football fans who gathered in Paris on the night of the UEFA Champions League final that ended with FC Bayern Munich beating Paris St. Germain 1-0.

On Sunday night, hundreds of football fans accumulated on the avenue of Champs-Elysees, where mass gatherings are prohibited amid the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing guidelines were impossible to observe because of the large number of people, according to a Sputnik correspondent.

​After the Champions League final ended, with French footballer Kingsley Coman (who was trained at Paris Saint-Germain's academy) scoring the decisive lone goal, football fans started to burn flares and firecrackers. Police then used tear gas to disperse the crowds. Several bus stops were damaged on streets adjacent to Champs-Elysees, particularly on Hoche Avenue, and football fans had set trash cans on fire, according to a Sputnik correspondent.

The Paris Police Prefecture said on Twitter in the early hours of Monday that all the people who had gathered on Champs-Elysees had been dispersed and traffic had been restored. The initial assessment from police put the number of arrests at 22.

Sunday night was a sixth time that Bayern won the UEFA (Union of European Football Association) Champions League, the previous win was in 2013.

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